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PA 101 Resource Kit - Philadelphia

We're excited to announce a new addition to Pennsylvania's Fantastic-Roadtrip-a-Matic, specially designed for visiting students and families to our many colleges and universities.

Dubbed PA 101, this virtual roadtrip box is filled with two ready-to-ride itineraries guiding visiting and prospective students, families, and faculty to all the best attractions and destinations in and around Pennsylvania's major college and university hubs, including Philadelphia and its surrounding countryside. It's our version of a Pennsylvania "cram course." We believe that PA 101 will also be a useful tool for your college or university's recruitment marketing. It's totally FREE to use and worthwhile content to share with your audience. We would be thrilled if you share these roadtrips with visiting families.

Here's just a few ways you can promote the roadtrip at your college/university:

Promote PA 101 on your website and/or in your email communications with a link to the roadtrip itineraries.

Share PA 101 on your Facebook pages, Twitter feed, or other social media channels.

Display printed posters or ads featuring QR codes for readers to view the PA 101 itineraries on their mobile phones.

Below you'll find all the information and materials you'll need to get started. If you have any other questions or need any help, please contact us at



Each of the PA 101 Philadelphia roadtrips are two days/two nights and take visitors to iconic PA destinations that are within an easy drive of your university. The online itineraries include a description of each destination, as well as "Worthy Detours" along the way and recommendations for dining and overnight lodging. Check out the roadtrips by clicking on the itinerary links just below. Be sure to copy the URL links so you can include those in your college or university's promotional activities.


Philadelphia Roadtrip #1

Philadelphia Roadtrip #2

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Shopping

Designed for universities/colleges in Philadelphia and the western and southern suburbs

Day One (Philadelphia)

  • - Independence Mall
  • - Old City Shops and Galleries
  • - Philadelphia Museum of Art

Day Two (Montgomery and Chester Counties)

  • - King of Prussia Mall
  • - West Chester
  • - Longwood Gardens / Kennett Square

A Detour Into History

Designed for universities/colleges in Philadelphia and the northern suburbs

Day One (Philadelphia)

  • - Similar destinations as roadtrip #1

Day Two (Bucks County)

  • - Pennsbury Manor
  • - Washington's Crossing
  • - New Hope Shops and Galleries



Below is the PA 101 roadtrip "box" that you can include on your website, email communications, or social media when promoting the roadtrips.

Download the image by clicking on the PA 101 box (JPEG).

Below are two pre-written descriptions of the PA 101 roadtrips that you can also use when promoting the roadtrips. Include your choice of description along with downloadable images and links to the itineraries to direct your audience to the roadtrips.

Condensed Version:

Take a Keystone state "cram course" and experience some of the great things to see and do in Pennsylvania, just a short drive from the [insert university/college name] campus. We have partnered with the Pennsylvania Tourism Office and to present PA 101, a two-day roadtrip that will enrich your college experience, while giving you an opportunity to learn about the region around [insert university/college name]. To learn more, visit [insert link to PA 101 roadtrip itinerary here].

Expanded Version:

The college experience means different things to different students. For some, it means going to class and making grades. For others, it means preparing for their chosen career path. For still others, it means making friendships that will last a lifetime. The truth is, the college experience is all those things...and more. In fact, the college experience extends beyond the boundaries of [insert university/college name] and into the community around us.

That is why we have partnered with the Pennsylvania Tourism Office and to present PA 101, a two-day roadtrip that has been designed specifically for current and prospective students and their familes to enhance and enrich your college experience. By taking you to places right here in our area, this roadtrip will allow you to see and do some of the great things that Pennsylvania has to offer...things you may not have known about. You'll see historical landmarks and amazing natural scenery. You'll be exposed to the arts and area culture. And, you'll be taken to some of the best shopping destinations in the state.

To learn more about PA 101 and begin your Keystone State "cram course", visit [insert link to PA 101 roadtrip itinerary here].



All About The Fantastic-Roadtrip-a-Matic:

We did the planning. You do the packing.

The Fantastic Roadtrip-a-Matic offers dozens of ready-to-ride roadtrips throughout Pennsylvania. Whether you love history, small town charm, shopping, golfling or outdoor recreation, there's a roadtrip ready for you. For those universities and colleges not located in the Philadelphia or Pittsburgh regions, check out our entire line of roadtrips from the across the state to promote to your visiting and prospective students and families. Click here to browse all of our PA Roadtrips.

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