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Piney Tract (Mt. Zion Grasslands)
Elliott Rd., Mount Zion, PA 17402 GET DIRECTIONS
Local: 814-849-5197
This reclaimed strip mine is located in Piney Township on the other side of the Clarion River from Interstate 80 Exit 53, the Knox Exit. Take Canoe Ripple Road south. You will cross the Clarion River. At the first dirt road to the left, which is Elliott Road, turn left. Go 1.1 miles on Elliott Road to the Y at the intersection with Mt. Zion Road. Turn left at the Y and go to the top of the hill. Here you have a good view of the grasslands and can sometimes see the crepuscular Short-eared owls. Park here and walk the road to the right (south) where cars are not permitted. Grassland sparrows such as Henslow's, Vesper, and Savannah are present in some of the shrubby habitat. Northern Harriers are present year-round as well as Rough-legged Hawks in the winter. Bobolinks, Eastern Meadowlarks, and Eastern Kingbirds are summer nesters.
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