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The Smokehouse Shop
3529 Old Philadelphia Pike, Intercourse, PA 17534 GET DIRECTIONS
Local: 717-768-3805
The shop offers a large variety of local meats and cheeses. Our specialty is our own smoked baked ham that we slow cook on the premises. We feature Baum's sweet bologna and Seltzers Lebanon bologna, both local specialties. Other locally made meat items include both boneless and skinless shankless hams. Locally cured smoked bacon, kielbasa, and smoked sausage. We also have a large variety of local cheeses. They include, sharp cheddar, garlic, smoked cheddar, and hot pepper. We also carry a large selection of pretzels. Our most popular is a delicious locally make hard pretzel. For lunch, we sell sandwiches and drinks. One of our biggest sellers is fountain Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer. We also sell the PA Dutch birch beer in cans and 2 liter bottles.
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