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Trostle Farm
United States Avenue, Gettysburg, PA 17325 GET DIRECTIONS
The Abraham Trostle Farm is a 135-acre farm located on United States Avenue. The original house and barn remain standing. The barn still bears a scar of the battle - a hole near the roofline through which a cannonball passed on July 2nd, after Gen. Daniel Sickles moved his 3rd Corps forward to form a salient at the Peach Orchard not far to the west. Along the road in front of the house stands a monument for the 9th Massachusetts Battery, which had retreated to this point from its original position along the Wheatfield Road during the fighting on July 2nd. The battery stood its ground here, allowing other units to retreat safely back towards Seminary Ridge. Timothy O'Sullivan's famous photos show the many dead horses that lay near the house and barn. Still standing across US Avenue is the "witness tree" under which Sickles had his headquarters. Also located near the barn is a marker indicating the spot where Gen. Dan Sickles was seriously wounded, requiring the amputation of his leg.
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