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Carved Rocks By Bobby Maguire

Shoemaker Rd., off State Rd. 220, McElhattan, PA 17748 GET DIRECTIONS
Local: 570-769-6445
Bobby Maguire's Carved Rocks is located in McElhattan, PA, halfway between Jersey Shore and Lock Haven, PA, on US 220. Bobby Maguire collects rocks on his travels throughout Central Pennsylvania. He takes the worn stone and, assisted by a computer and a high-powered sand blaster, he creates mementos that will last longer than most buildings. His artifacts are carved with intricate designs and sayings that are either commissioned by the customer or tangents of his travels. It's a merging of the Stone Age and cutting-edge technology that result in long-lasting objects of beauty and significance. His garden has become a showplace, decorated with examples of his stone artistry. Hours by appointment.
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