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Golden Eagle Trail
Route 414, Cammal, PA 17723 GET DIRECTIONS
Local: 570-327-3450
The Golden Eagle Trail located in Tiadaghton State Forest offers gorgeous scenery and challenging terrain, has been called the best day hike in Pennsylvania. Pretty waterfalls, massive pines, relics of old logging camps, splash dams, and quarries are just some sights along the way. The Raven's Horn vista is sure to leave you breathless, inspired, and weak-kneed all at the same time. The trail, an 8.9-mile loop, is wonderful for adventurous families. Location: The Golden Eagle Trail begins at the Clark Farm/Utceter Station Recreational Parking Area, which is approximately 2.7 miles north of the village of Cammal along PA Route 414 in the Pine Creek Valley, Lycoming County.
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