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Pennsylvania Grand Review

As the nation marks the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, Pennsylvania invited travelers to Harrisburg last November to participate in a story largely unknown to most Americans — the Pennsylvania Grand Review. 

The Grand Review served as a commemoration to the November 1865 event of the same name, organized by the women of Harrisburg. It was meant to honor the United States Colored Troops (U.S.C.T.) from 25 states who were not permitted to participate in the Grand Review of the Armies, a military procession and celebration held May 23-24, 1865 in Washington, D.C., following the end of the Civil War.

The Grand Review included exhibition, presentation, and conservation projects that revealed the hidden histories of the USCT. This commemoration culminated November 4-7, 2010 in Harrisburg.

Grand Review Brochure, includes event, parade, and parking information along with must-see attractions in the region.


Includes Heritage Fair, Parade, and White Carnation League information along with an introduction to the men who marched in commemoration and historical accounts from 1865.

Share Your Story

Meet the 100 Voices of the USCT, share your story as a descendant, and find the hallowed grounds of these African American patriots.

News and Announcements

For all of the latest news about the Grand Review including television, magazine, and newspaper coverage as well as press releases. Photo of African American Civil War journalist Thomas Morris Chester of Harrisburg.

Grand Review Events

Your journey begins here, where you can learn more about the Grand Review events and plan a roadtrip in the Dutch Country Roads region. Plus, the Hershey Harrisburg region has hundreds of attractions for you to explore...all within minutes of each other.

Conservation Roadtrip Weekend

During each roadtrip weekend, participants will roll up their sleeves and get their hands on history. Participants will work alongside community partners and conservation specialists in hallowed ground sites that serve as the final resting places for USCT soldiers.

White Carnation League Events

The Pennsylvania White Carnation League is an alliance of descendants of USCT soldiers and scholars, humanists, interpreters, and supporters from the communities who support their legacy. White Carnation League events build engagement and exchange among advocates and stewards.

Live and Learn: History Salons and Open Dialogues

Join communities across Pennsylvania to explore Quest for Freedom stories and participate in discussions about America’s historical and cultural growth from the time of the Civil War and Underground Railroad to the present. This year’s theme examines African American Patriots and the Civil War.

Genealogy Workshops

Leading genealogists will guide a discussion to help families find ways to share their research, discuss new resources, and help make connections between family histories. Professionals will also be on site to assist in document preservation.

Civil War Muster Rolls

The Pennsylvania State Archives holds the regimental records of the more than  215 regiments raised by the Commonwealth during the Civil War. Of these, the Muster Out Rolls are the most requested and most used records by the public. The State Archives needs funding to save 900 of the most severely deteriorated muster rolls.