Become a Courier for Injured Animals. Help WIN Save Wildlife!


Repeats: None

Avenue 209 Coffee House
209 Bellefonte Avenue

Lock Haven, Pennsylvania 17745
Hours of operation: 9 am to 11 am
Admission fee: $25 Per Person

Contact (814)-425-7731 or e-mail: to register.

Presented by Wildlife In Need (WIN) Emergency Response of Pennsylvania

Learn to become a wildlife courier with this class! Become involved with a network to transport wild animals in need to a wildlife rehabilitation center. Learn what is needed to become a wildlife courier

Mission and goals of WIN Emergency Response of PA, Inc.
Awareness of dangers to you and wildlife
Safe practices and common sense
How to assist Capture and Transport (C & T) Permittee
How to safely transport an animal

Cost $25.00/person.
Minimum of 5 participants to hold the class
Must have a valid PA driver’s license and a vehicle
Preregistration is requested by 10/18/2019
Contact (814)-425-7731 or e-mail: to register.