Tap into one of Pennsylvania’s sweetest traditions — maple syrup. Whether you’re sugaring your own tree or sampling a variety of foods and desserts made with this ultimate natural product, there are many ways to experience the springtime ritual year-round throughout the Keystone State.

When the warm days and cold nights of spring roll in, Pennsylvania maple producers know the season is approaching. Peak sugaring time typically begins around mid-February when sap starts to flow again after the chilly winter months. While any tree can be tapped for sap, sugar and black maple are the best due to their high sugar content. Pennsylvania primarily uses the sugar maple tree to produce its maple goodies. And as the fifth-largest producer of maple syrup in the United States, maple sugaring is most common in the state’s northern tier and in the Laurel Highlands.

Since maple continues to grow in the national spotlight (will it surpass pumpkin spice, dare we say?), we invite kids and adults alike to discover this important part of Pennsylvania’s agricultural heritage. From touring local farms to participating in sugaring demonstrations, immerse yourself in all things maple in the Keystone State. Don’t forget to bring your sweet tooth – many of these experiences feature special treats such as maple candies, popcorn, milkshakes, sundaes and all the syrup your heart (or stomach) could desire!