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Timberline ATV Trail
Forest Rd. 232, off of Rte. 948, Marienville, PA 16239 GET DIRECTIONS
Local: 814-927-6628
This 38 mile trail is open to Class I and II ATVs, trailbikes, snowmobiles, horses and mountain bikes. This trail is rated as EASIEST and is best suited to ATVs. During the winter season, this trail provides snowmobile access from the south and southeast to the Allegheny Snowmobile Loop system. Because of concurrent use of ATVs and snowmobiles, the trail is not be groomed. Travel is permitted on designated, blazed routes only. The trail is clearly marked with yellow diamonds on trees. ATV riding on unmarked routes is a violation of Forest regulation 36 CFR 261.54a and subject to citation. Mountain bikes and horses are permitted to use the trails all year-round. ATV and trailbike use during closed seasons is not permitted. CAMPING is permitted along the trail as long as your equipment does not block the trail. Camping is permitted at the main Timberline Trailhead in the designated area, and at all secondary trailheads.
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