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Freedom Road Cemetery
119 S. Pitt St, Mercer, PA 16137-1211 GET DIRECTIONS
Local: 724-662-3490
This cemetery is located on the right across from the main gate at Stoneboro Fairgrounds. The cemetery is all that remains of Liberia, a fugitive slave town established by the Travis family, free African-Americans. For years, this community offered sanctuary to weary travelers. It was also the site of frequent raids by slave catchers. After the Fugitive Slave Act of 1849/50, most of the population fled to Canada to become legal free citizens. A few stayed in this area, one an entrepreneur who sold cigars and whiskey to his neighbors. Another person who stayed was "Auntie Strange." She was a runaway who was persistent enough to flee from the South twice. The first time she was captured, beaten and the fingers on her left hand were chopped off. The second time, she gained her freedom.