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Dunlap's Creek Bridge
Old Main St., downtown, Brownsville, PA 15417 GET DIRECTIONS
Local: 724-785-9331
Dedicated July 4, 1839 and heralded as the first cast iron bridge built in the United States, it is still in use today with no weight restrictions. This bridge has received five historical and engineering awards. Route 40, National Road, over Dunlap's Creek. National Register Site.

Today, as you drive over the bridge on Main Street in downtown Brownsville, it may very well go unnoticed, as there are buildings on either side of the bridge built over the creek. In fact, it takes some effort to see even small portions of the bridge's superstructure. The picture shown here was taken from a turn-of-the century (20th) postcard.

An historic marker is at the south end of the bridge.

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