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Erkskine Covered Bridge
Erskine Road, West Alexander, PA 15376 GET DIRECTIONS
Built in 1845 by William Gordon, this is the oldest bridge in the country. It sits only one-tenth of a mile from the West Virginia border, which makes the Erskine Bridge the bridge farthest west in Pennsylvania. This Queenpost truss-type bridge is 39'6" long and 11'8" wide and has a 10-ton weight limit. It has the typical vertical plank siding on the sides and portal, a tin-covered gable roof, and a plain box-like appearance. Painted barn red inside and out, it has a deck of crosswise planking, and two windows on each side with narrow eave openings. The structure rests on stone-and-mortar abutments reinforced with concrete and heavy timbers resting in the streambed. It also has short concrete wing walls on the north end and attractive, short stone and mortar wing walls on the south end. Reconstruction is slated for 2006.
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