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William Goodridge Freedom Center and Underground Railroad Museum
123 E. Philadelphia St., York, PA 17401 GET DIRECTIONS
Local: 717-650-1998

Visit the home of William C. Goodridge, one of the area's most active Underground Railroad stationmasters. A prominent African American businessman in York, Goodridge built the tallest building of its time in York City, and often hosted anti-slavery meetings with noted abolitionists. Goodridge worked in a variety of fields during his life, but the one most connected with the Quest for Freedom involved Goodridge's work with the railroad industry. The Goodridge Reliance Line comprised 13 railroad cars serving 20 PA communities. Goodridge used his rail cars to transport Freedom Seekers along the Underground Railroad. Goodridge also hid fugitive slaves inside his house, in a secret room at the back of his basement, and in a straw lined trench located under a building at the back of his house.