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Fort Couch
Eighth St. and Ohio Ave., Lemoyne, PA 17043 GET DIRECTIONS
Small outpost built in June 1863 to oppose an expected attack on Harrisburg by Confederate troops. This site was then known as Hummel's Heights. Fort Couch, named for General D.N. Couch, recieved an historical marker in 1953. When nearby Fort Washington was occupied, it became evident that this higher ground one-half mile to the west, if captured, would make Fort Washington undefendable. The earthworks visible here are the remains of Fort Couch, built in June 1863 as an advance position to ensure the defense of the larger fort to the east. Most of the construction of Fort Couch was done by railroad crews. Artillery pieces were mounted on wooden platforms behind the earthworks. Fort Couch is the only public site that preserves part of the once extensive defenses of Harrisburg. A Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission historical marker and a monument erected by the Camp Curtin Historical Society commemorate the fort.
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