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Jumonville Glen - A Unit of Fort Necessity National Battlefield
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The shots at Jumonville Glen were the first in the Fort Necessity campaign, ultimately leading the world to war. But the story of Jumonville Glen has the intrigue of a mystery thriller and contains controversy and unanswered questions. About dawn, on a late May morning in 1754, George Washington met with a Seneca chief, the Half King, and made plans to contact the French Camp. As the French commander had not posted sentries, Washington and his men easily surrounded the unsuspecting French. A shot was fired, no one really knows by whom, and soon the peaceful glen was filled with the crash of musketry and the sulphurous smell of powder. The skirmish lasted about 15 minutes. When it was over, 10 Frenchmen were dead and 21 captured. One escaped and made his way back to Fort Duquesne at the forks of the Ohio. Visit the site of the skirmish, now a unit of the National Park System at Fort Necessity National Battlefield.
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General Information: Dates Closed: November 1 to April 30
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