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Allegrippis Trails at Raystown Lake
Baker Hollow Road, Hesston, PA 16647 GET DIRECTIONS
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Designed by mountain bikers and built by the International Mountain Bicycling Association, the Allegrippis Trails at Raystown Lake is a premier single-track mountain biking trail system located in the Eastern United States.

The 24 trails in the system were designed and built to provide sustainable trails for a variety of human uses including mountain biking, hiking, trail running, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.

You can access the Allegrippis Trails at trailheads along Seven Points Road just past the Seven Points Entrance Station and on Bakers Hollow Road just before the Susquehannock Campground Entrance Station at Raystown Lake.

The Allegrippis Trails are available for public use year 'round. For information about holding a competitive event or demonstration on the trails, contact Friends of Raystown Lake c/o US Army Corps of Engineers Raystown Lake Recreation Area.