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Stoudtburg Village
Route 272, Adamstown, PA 19501 GET DIRECTIONS
Local: 717-484-1342
If you haven't been to Stoudtburg Village you're missing out on the best kept secret in Lancaster County. Located in Adamstown, PA in the heart of the Anitique Capital, it is like stepping into a little European Village where no cars hamper your stroll and our quaint shops cater to your smallest whims. Stroll through our village plaza where Peaches, our fountain nymph, sits high on her perch spewing water into the pool below, or relax in the shaded sitting park. Although we are just on the "grow", we have a variety of unique little shops from Robot & Music Box Museums to Wine, Candy, Coffee, Doll, Game, Craft, Gift, Antique and unique boutiques.
Facility Amenities: Bus Parking, Gift Shop
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