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Christian C. Sanderson Museum
Routes 100 and 1, Chadds Ford, PA 19317 GET DIRECTIONS
Local: 620-388-6545
Step up to the wooden porch of Christian Sanderson's countryside home and tour eight rooms rich with over 200 years of history. Sanderson's fascination with history and the importance of the "living records" of history has culminated in a collection of archives, memories and actual physical remains of days long gone but, thanks to Mr. Sanderson, days well remembered. The personal context of the Sanderson museum collection brings new life to the characters and events of American history. Just as the Internet is heralded for its ability to bring the world to anyone's neck of the woods, the same effect is had in the Sanderson Museum. It is a time and place machine, presenting the world's most distant lands and history's most grandiose events and figures, and drawing them down to the eye level of the typical visitor.
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