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Coolspring Power Museum
Route 36, Coolspring, PA 15730 GET DIRECTIONS
Local: 814-849-6883
The Coolspring Power Museum collection documents the early history of the internal combustion revolution. Almost all of the critical components of today's engines have their origins in the period represented by the collection (as well as hundreds of innovations that are no longer used). Some of the engines represent real engineering progress; others are more the product of inventive minds avoiding previous patents; but all tell a story. There are few duplications in the collection and only a couple of manufacturers are represented by more than one or two examples. The Coolspring Power Museum contains the largest collection of historically significant, early internal combustion engines in the country, if not the world. With the exception of a few items in the collection that were driven by the engines, such as compressors, pumps, and generators, and a few steam and hot air engines shown for comparison purposes, the collection contains only internal combustion engines.
Facility Amenities: ADA-compliant, Concessions, Guided Tours, Handicapped Access
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