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Immigration to America promised streets paved in gold, yet for many individuals reality struck them quickly as they found themselves working long hours and having little to show for their toil. The 1920s set the stage for the poverty and economic struggle incurred during the 1930s. Even today, what is worn has a profound impact on how people are viewed. While at times clothing can be misleading; it often signifies how we view ourselves, what social groups we associate with and what cultural ideas interest us. Clothing can tell us about a person's occupationand hobbies and the impact of technological changes, as well as the influence of Hollywood's silver screen stars and New Deal policies. The 1930s was a rare point in history when only a small number of Americans could afford to purchase more than the basic necessities. It was also a time when ones social status could change dramatically through no fault of his or her own. Come step into the reality of the can-do attitude of the 1930s.
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