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Civil War Trails and Beyond: Dutch Country Roads
Civil War Trails and Beyond Follow me to 1863

Duration: Four days and three nights

History buffs and reenactors, moms and middle-schoolers, take note: this roadtrip is packed with stops along the Pennsylvania towns, museums, railroad stops and second-story bedrooms that stood witness to our country's greatest struggle.

The Pennsylvania Civil War Trails: Prelude to Gettysburg tells the often-silent home front stories. It's on these Trails that the faceless are brought to life and the places in between are explored. Your journey begins in Harrisburg and takes you through the towns, farms, and fields that experienced war firsthand. Places like Wrightsville and Columbia that gave all they had to keep the Confederate forces from crossing the river. Places like Hanover, where the streets were filled with battle and citizens saved the lives of others regardless of a uniform's color.

Along the way, follow the roadside markers with the Union kepi cap to find the next stop. With the help of "Story Stops" and "Gateway Signs," you'll experience the Civil War through the eyes of sons and daughters who lived through it, set against the backdrop of Pennsylvania's picturesque Dutch Country Roads.

Find commemorative events, stories and more information at  PA Civil War 150.

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