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The Shunpiker's Guide: Laurel Highlands
The Shunpiker's Guide Back road riding

Duration: Two days and two nights

Wet and wild is the country way in the Laurel Highlands, where the rushing wet stuff in the Youghiogheny River rules the roost. And beneath the surface, you'll find caverns that stretch for miles beneath the rolling river above. Dried off, you'll love the personalities of the towns that have sprung up in and around the parks and rivers. And the multi-generational businesses that have flourished in those towns. There's a reason these families didn't want to pack up and move away from the history and beauty of this region. A fair amount of bragging rights go along with growing up in the area of Fort Necessity, where George Washington started his career. Now it's your turn to explore, as only a good shunpiker should.

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