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The Shunpiker's Guide: Pittsburgh and Its Countryside and Great Lakes Region
The Shunpiker's Guide The roads less-traveled

Duration: Two days and two nights

When you're practicing the art of shunning turnpikes, there's no better place than Pittsburgh's countryside and the Great Lakes region. You'll do your sightseeing along endless stretches of country roads lined with big red barns and mooing cows. But it's not all backcountry. Make a stop at any of the towns and you'll find smiling faces ready to treat you to some down-home cooking and cool folksy crafts. Your nights are spent on the front porch of the local inn, catching up with the locals and listening to tall tales. This all might have sounded like a fantasy 100 miles ago, but you're a shunpiker now and it's time to take the dirt roads less traveled and roll.

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