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Shutterbugs: Dutch Country Roads, Lehigh Valley, Pocono Mountains and UpstatePA
Shutterbugs Smile and say Pennsylvania

Duration: Two days and two nights

Places like this part of the state are loaded with photo opportunities. The kind of shots that you post in your office or your Facebook page, and your friends say things like "Whoa, where did you go?" Here, that's where. This is the dramatic end of the state with the unfettered valleys and imposing mountains that practically pose for a camera and say cheese. We'll show you the Poconos, their very photogenic neighbor, Kempton, and the mountaintops, rugged trails and historic towns along the way. So break out the tripod, do some index finger stretches, and get ready for some sky blue skies, furry critters and sprawling valleys for as far as the eye, or 10x zoom lens, can see.

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