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U.S. Route 202 Parkway

Route: 202, between Montgomery and Bucks counties

The U.S. Route 202 Parkway provides a direct reoute for travel between Welsh Road (Route 63) and Route 611 in Montgomery and Doylestown townships. Accompanying the parkway is a 12-foot-wide shared-use path that runs along the entire length of the road to provide mobility for pedestrians and bicyclists. There are 19 access points along the route to access the path.

Designed to blend in with its surrounding natural environment, the parkway features stone form liner patterns on concrete barriers, culverts, retaining walls and bridge surfaces to simulate a traditional stone appearance; rustic, weathered steel guide rail; 14,300 feet of landscaped earth berms; extensive landscaping; landscaped median islands; and plantings along wetlands and waterways.