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One Good Woman
1845 Market St, Camp Hill, PA 17011-4829 GET DIRECTIONS
Local: 717-975-8101
Forty years ago if you wanted to buy a gift, you went to a gift store. In 2006 you go to Holly O'Connor and In 1996 Holly began delivering gourmet coffees from the back of her Jeep. Soon she opened a shop in Central PA featuring the finest coffees, teas and gourmet. Holly noticed that many of her customers were buying her items as gifts. To cater to her gift buying customers, Holly upgraded her bags and wrapping and then at the urging of customers began producing a line of One Good Woman coffee mugs, latte cups, aprons and bags. Soon she was carrying One Good Man products. Her combination of upscale marketing, downscale pricing, have combined with a sure sense of fun to make shopping at One Good Woman an adventure. If you see something you like buy it because it may not be there later. The name One Good Woman came from Holly's Irish mother-in-law. When Holly asked her husband if she could be successful, her husband said, "My mother said, all it takes to get something done is one good woman and you are a good woman." The challenge of the Internet for One Good Woman is to keep its' special flavor. "With small steps we will keep adding value for the customer without adding cost. Satisfying the customer is what OGW is all about."
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