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Pennsylvania Academy of Music
42 N. Prince St, Lancaster, PA 17603-3840 GET DIRECTIONS
Local: 717-399-9733
The PA Academy of Music is a non-profit institution dedicated to fostering the growth of musical instruction and the appreciation of fine music in south-central PA. Its mission is to provide a thorough training of the highest order in every aspect of musical principle, technique, interpretation, and expression, thus creating a platform on which students and faculty can practice and perform. The Academy's mission also extends beyond its own doors into the surrounding community as a center for the public performance of fine music that contributes to the enjoyment and enlightenment of those who attend the Academy's varied program of concerts and recitals. Philosophically, the Academy finds the focus of its educational efforts in its students. Each student is regarded as an individual with distinct strengths, needs, and aspirations. Whether envisioning a career as a performing artist or destined to follow an entirely different path, whether a child taking up an instrument for the first time or an adult resuming lessons after a long recess, the individual student receives the Academy's full attention and can find a well-suited place to grow within a carefully structured and carefully applied instructional program.
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