Happy Travelers can you hear the rush? It’s the rush of melting snow fueling one of our numerous waterfalls. It’s just one of the signals that it’s spring! A time when petals power the way through an abundance of gardens, when  rail trails become the most direct route, and when kids roar into zoos and wildlife parks.

Warmer weather rallies the urge to fish, hike, go boating, or star-gaze san a chilly night. It is also the time when Pennsylvania’s 85,000 miles of streams and rivers and 4,000  lakes and ponds call anglers to make a cast for that trophy fish.

The season of spring is in full swing as travelers revel in magnificent flora and fauna from the valley floor to the you-can-see-for-a-mile mountaintops - Pennsylvania’s greater-than-great outdoors have come alive and can’t wait to see you.

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