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History is what makes visiting Pennsylvania a unique experience. This nation was born in Philadelphia, saved at Gettysburg and ushered in the Industrial Revolution in cities of Pittsburgh, Johnstown, Scranton, Allentown, Erie, and York to name a few. It was on Pennsylvania soil that the South seceded to the North, spelling out a tale of American history. In the shadow of the Civil War, Pennsylvania emerged with a strong and robust economy, its industries catapulting the Commonwealth into a manufacturing leader.


In Pennsylvania, all roads lead to history. At every turn, historical museums, battlefields, memorials and landscapes tell our nation’s story.

Get ready for a roadtrip you'll want to reenact all over again, check out some suggested routes here. History buffs can step back in time and experience iconic events that changed the course of American history by exploring this military history trail through Pennsylvania. 

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Pennsylvania offers a wealth of fascinating historic sites for an exciting Civil War adventure.
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