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History & Heritage in Johnstown PA
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  • 416 Main St, Ste 100 Johnstown, PA 15901-1827
    Today, Cambria County celebrates its rich cultural heritage through its majestic ethnic churches, festivals and special events, cuisine, and neighborhoods. Visitors can relive history through our...
  • 104 Iron St. Johnstown, PA 15906-2610
    The Cambria Iron Company National Historic Landmark is on the site of the former Cambria Iron Company's principal plant. A number of buildings remain including the 1864 blacksmith shop. A...
  • 186 Main St., PO Box 219 Saint Michael, PA 15951
    Recently acquired by the National Park Service, this magnificent property is part of the Johnstown Flood National Memorial. The Clubhouse was a weekend resort for the members of the South Fork...
  • 801 Millcreek Rd. Johnstown, PA 15905-2354
    Grandview Cemetery features the Monument of Tranquility overlooking the 777 graves of victims who perished in the 1889 Johnstown Flood.
  • Broad St. and 7th Avenue Johnstown, PA 15906
    The Industrial Revolution comes alive in Johnstown, Cambria County, through the Johnstown Discovery Network - a linked system of attractions and historic districts. See the Johnstown Flood Museum,...
  • 733 Lake Rd. South Fork, PA 15956-3602
    United States National Park that commemorates the Great Johnstown Flood of May 31, 1889, and remembers the 2,209 victims of the disaster. The park features exhibits on the ruins of the South Fork...
  • Washington St. Johnstown, PA 15901
    Point Park overlooks the confluence of Johnstown's rivers and the Stone Arch Bridge. Built in 1887 by the Pennsylvania Railroad, the bridge survived the 1889 Flood but was the scene of a terrible...
  • 1409 Somerset Ave. Windber, PA 15963-1653
    The Windber Historic District covers the area originally set aside by the Berwind-White Coal Mining Company in 1897. One architectural gem is the Palace Hotel.
8 results total.
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