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Dauphin County Memorial
3rd and Division Sts., Harrisburg, PA 17101 GET DIRECTIONS
Erected in 1869 by the citizens of Dauphin County as a tribute to the more than 33,000 men from the county who served during the Civil War. Originally the obelisk stood at the intersection of Second and State Streets. Standing 110 feet high and weighing over 600 tons the structure was cut from stone taken from the banks of the nearby Susquehanna River. A stone plaque is inscribed: "To the soldiers of Dauphin County who gave their lives for the life of the Union in the suppression of the rebellion 1861-1865. Erected by their fellow citizens." The monument was later flanked by a grass mall leading from the River to the Capitol steps which was later removed and replaced with parking spaces. By 1959 the structure had sustained some damage caused by passing automobiles. In that year the decision was made to relocate the monument to its present location. The dismantling process took 17 days. One month was spent cleaning the old mortar and resurfacing the stone. The monument was rededicated on President Lincoln's birthday February 12 1960.
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